Love when I get to work from my home studio…

Recording TV spots and animation. Keep’em coming!

Had a blast on the set of…

‘THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF QUEENS’. Playing “Flor” was a riot!

Had fun working on the feature ‘GOOD EGG’!

It felt nice to be back on set after being on lockdown for so long…



“Steuer’s fine performance is reason enough to see the show. She makes Citrona a bundle of contrasting behaviors: timidity, defensive aggression, unbridled libidinousness. Tall and apparently strong, she nevertheless makes the character seem stressed and unhealthy.  Steuer snarls some of her character’s lines with sarcastic fury and touches of humor. When Citrona contemplates her seduction of Nena, there’s a hint of self-deprecation in Steuer’s voice as she deadpans, “It’s times like this I wish I knew some Marvin Gaye songs.” Such glints of campiness alleviate the disquieting aspects of the play somewhat. Those who go see Fur are not likely to soon forget the production or its unusual central character.”

Mark Dundas Wood –


“Monica Steuer gives an explosive performance as Tracey. Steuer plays this character with intense force as she goes from a fiercely independent person to someone who is shattered after losing her job. Some of the best portions of the play are the explosive battles between Tracey and Cynthia. Steuer and Strum are brilliant in these scenes, but they are heart-wrenching to watch. Sweat is a brilliant, uncompromising and ultimately heartbreaking play performed by a group of incredible actors who give luminous performances.”

Kelli Curtin – Theatre Sensation

The Conduct of Life (THEATRE)

“Lisping, mugging and gliding about are the chief features of Monica Steuer’s hysterical characterization of Olimpia. It’s like watching Edna May Oliver appearing in a Pedro Almodóvar film. Ms. Steuer’s hilarious speech detailing the repetitive routine of her servitude, throwing silverware around and exhibiting despair during the bleak finale are standout moments of her terrific work.” 

Darryl Reilly –