Monica Steuer is an internationally renowned actress who has worked in several countries including the USA, Mexico, Scotland, Peru and Puerto Rico. Extremely versatile, she has been cast as American, German, French and Latin American as well as in nondescript roles.

Sound Bites

Back in the booth voicing…

two more TV spots for WICKED! Love to work with this team!

Starting rehearsals for a new play!

I love the process of creation… Discovering how a character thinks and feels and bringing her to life!

Had the honor of participating in a reading of…

“Goddesses Return to the Temple” by Raquel Almazan produced by Live and In Color. What a great evening of theater!

Happy to be doing pro-bono work for ANIMAL EQUALITY

Voicing their spots in Brazilian Portuguese, supporting a cause that is so dear to my heart.

Really enjoyed narrating the audiobook…

‘LOS CLAUSTROS’ by Katy Hays. Love mystery novels!



“The compelling rhythms of the naturalistic dialogue find powerful expression in the wrenching, tender, lived-in performances by both Beato and Steuer. This Bloom will take deep root in your memory.”

John R. ZIegler and Leah Richards Thinking Theater NYC


“Steuer’s fine performance is reason enough to see the show. She makes Citrona a bundle of contrasting behaviors: timidity, defensive aggression, unbridled libidinousness. Tall and apparently strong, she nevertheless makes the character seem stressed and unhealthy.  Steuer snarls some of her character’s lines with sarcastic fury and touches of humor. When Citrona contemplates her seduction of Nena, there’s a hint of self-deprecation in Steuer’s voice as she deadpans, “It’s times like this I wish I knew some Marvin Gaye songs.” Such glints of campiness alleviate the disquieting aspects of the play somewhat. Those who go see Fur are not likely to soon forget the production or its unusual central character.”

Mark Dundas Wood –


“Monica Steuer gives an explosive performance as Tracey. Steuer plays this character with intense force as she goes from a fiercely independent person to someone who is shattered after losing her job. Some of the best portions of the play are the explosive battles between Tracey and Cynthia. Steuer and Strum are brilliant in these scenes, but they are heart-wrenching to watch. Sweat is a brilliant, uncompromising and ultimately heartbreaking play performed by a group of incredible actors who give luminous performances.”

Kelli Curtin – Theatre Sensation