It’s a wrap!

Just finished shooting the short film TIES and I had a blast on set playing the eccentric Gabriela…
Fun script, amazing cast and crew!!

So happy to be back on stage!!

After 2 years of missing the stage (thank you very much Coronavirus…), I get to perform this amazing role (Julia) in BLOOM. Such a complex, nuanced character. Opening night is this Thursday, April 21st!!
Come join us!

Love when I get to work from my home studio…

Recording TV spots and animation. Keep’em coming!

Had a blast on the set of…

‘THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF QUEENS’. Playing “Flor” was a riot!

Had fun working on the feature ‘GOOD EGG’!

It felt nice to be back on set after being on lockdown for so long…

Loved to be the interpreter…

for Talles Magno! Brazilian soccer player who was recently purchased by the NYCFC.
He did interviews for the press both in English and Spanish and I was happy to be his’voice’ and to translate for him.

Happy to start voicing…

Another audiobook for Recorded Books. Yes, in Spanish!

Recently recorded…

4 different titles for Recorded Books in Spanish!

Happy to continue voicing…

The animated series CAILLOU! I play Caillou’s mommy in Brazilian Portuguese.


New show debuts tonight, September 28th, and I played a distressed 911 caller.
It was a lot of fun and filled with emotion and high stakes!

Just finished shooting ‘LITTLE SQUARES’

Feature film that takes place during the pandemic and was shot, alas, in pandemic mode!
Both challenging and exciting!


I love my job! Just booked 2 radio spots for Mercedes-Benz in Spanish. Fortunate that I can continue recording from my home studio!

Season Two of THE POLITICIAN is out!

I had such a blast playing ‘Reignbough’! You can now catch her on Episode 7 of this amazing series. Enjoy!

Happy to be the Spanish Spokesperson for the BBB!

They do an amazing job of protecting us, the consumers, and it’s my pleasure to be their representative at the National Consumer Protection Week Press Conference.

I just booked THE POLITICIAN!

So happy to book this Netflix show. My character ‘Reignbough’ was a blast to play! Looking forward to seeing this episode – Election Day – when Season 2 airs!!

We had such an AMAZING run!

FUR was an incredible experience. Unforgettable role!!! Another great production by Boundless Theatre.

So excited to start rehearsals for FUR!

This is a fascinating and complex play and I can’t wait to dive in and discover who Citrona is… Come see us at NYTW@Next Door in November!!!

Had a great time reading THE COPPER CHILDREN

by Karen Zacarias for the Immigrant Mixfest at The Atlantic Theatre Company!

Last two weeks of SWEAT at People’s Light!

So happy to be playing Tracey with this amazing cast! Sold out performances and standing ovations on every show. Don’t miss it!


Excited about doing SWEAT

at People’s Light!!! Opening night is January 19th!!!

We’re almost SOLD OUT

for this last weekend of The Conduct of Life by Maria Irene Fornés! Don’t miss the chance to see this amazing production!

Honored to receive an HOLA AWARD

for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor’ for the play ATOMIC INTIMACY. Award ceremony to take place in October!

Happy to be acting in THE CONDUCT OF LIFE by Maria Irene Fornés

with Boundless Theatre Company.  Shows start in September!

Recording another book for The Library of Congress!

After voicing Colson Whitehead’s THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD –  (National Book and Pulitzer Award ),

I am now reading BLUE by Danielle Steele. Both in Spanish!

Happy to be the female voice for Mango Languages

in Brazilian Portuguese!

Had a blast performing in ATOMIC INTIMACY

at the FuerzaFest Theatre Festival in NYC in May!

Fun to read PURGATORIO by Andrea Thome

produced by APAC & BEEHIVE Dramaturgy Studio and directed by Elena Araoz. Always a pleasure to be working with creative & talented actors!

Proud to have participated in the title role

of the reading of THE DUCHESS OF STRINGTOWN produced by Anna Deavere Smith and The Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue, NYU Hidden Hate/Hidden Love series

Love working at HBO!

Working on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel  – Dubbing into Spanish

In rehearsals for ALPHA66

at TSchreiber!  A new play by Robby Ramos – I get to play a revolutionary during the Cuban missile crisis. Enjoying the process!!!

Excited to be shooting the short film

LIES & OBLIVION this June! Promises to be a lot of FUN!

An honor to be recording audiobooks

for the Library of Congress!

Had an amazing experience performing at Hi Arts

in the staged reading of LA PALOMA PRISONER by Raquel Almazán.

Had a blast playing Hortencia in…

Lone Star Theatre Co.’s production of the reading of BONNET BLUES by Oscar A.L.Cabrera

Had a great time doing a reading

of ATOMIC INTIMACY by Leonardo Maldonado in NYC. Looking forward to the full production later this year!

Just finished shooting…

THE PAINTER’S DREAM in NYC! Great to work with Fabian Zarta and director Paul Stancato 🙂

Just heard the news! Got an HOLA Award!


Very happy for this recognition. This role was a true gift in my career and this is the cherry on top of the cake!!!

Just finished a recording session for MACYS!

I feel very fortunate to be their female VO talent for TV and radio commercials (Spanish), after almost 11 years! Cheers!

Opening week for PROSPECT!

So excited to share with the world the beauty of this play. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this incredible ensemble of artists! PROSPECT, here we go! Cheers! See you all at the theatre!

Looking forward to tonight’s screening of…

CASSANOVA WAS A WOMAN at the Anthology Film Center at 9pm. It’s part of the New Filmmakers Festival 2016.

“Miriam” is a role I really enjoyed playing!

Glad to be acting in LA PALOMA PRISONER again

as part of the 5th Annual Festival of New Poetic Theatre presented by Poetic Theatre Productions.

Come check us out on April 3rd at 2pm at The Wild Project!

Looking forward to shooting ALMAS DE FURIA

as FBI agent ‘Garcia’ in this feature film by Argentine director Pablo Yotich!

Shooting starts end of March, 2016.

Worked as a spokesperson for the BBB – Better Business Bureau

It was a great experience to participate in their annual press conference for the “Consumer Protection week”, as their on-camera Spanish speaking spokesperson.

Just did a reading of ‘Concrete Rose’…

… Elaine del Valle’s screenplay adaption of her one woman show. Excited to be a part of it!

Just booked a pilot “What Women Hide”!

Produced by Golden Ceiba Productions and directed by the talented Guillermo Ivan.

You can now hear me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC!

I’ll be your guide in Brazilian Portuguese. Just download the app!

Very honored to be co-hosting the 2015 HOLA AWARDS!

Honoring Benicio del Toro and Andy Garcia amongst others!

Another great review for “MUSAS”

“… Monica Steuer not only bares an uncanny resemblance to Plath, but she also excels at shaping an otherwise one-dimensional character into a full-bodied tormented soul.” – Antonio Minino/

MUSAS was a great success at The Fringe! Sold Out performances!

“In Musas, Mónica Steuer masterfully oscillates between manic joy and crushing despair in her monologues and interactions with Frida Kahlo.” – Daniel Larkin/

MUSES is coming to NYC!

Very excited that the play I did in Chicago in 2014 – MUSES – is coming to the Fringe International Theatre Festival in NYC this summer! I’ll get to play the amazingly complex Sylvia Plath all over again. Round #2!!!

La Paloma Prisoner

was a truly enriching theatrical experience! Amazing artists collaborating in a very moving, eye-opening play.

Looking forward to LA PALOMA PRISONER

Rehearsals start in April!

Great 3 week class with casting director Candice Alustiza at One on One

Talented actors and great feedback from Candice!

Doing a reading of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES

in Peekskill, NY this weekend! Looking forward! March 2015

Had a blast reading for The Sol Project

@The Public Theater!  Great play and an amazing group of artists!

Excited about the screening of my latest film…

CASSANOVA WAS A WOMAN on Dec 1st at the NYU Cantor Film Center!

Had a blast doing a reading…

of Fernando Ferrer’s play LA PIEDAD Y LOS ANIMALES. Looking forward to the actual production!

Very happy to be working with HBO!

Had the pleasure to be called in to work on shows like 24/7 and REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL. Great professional people!

Participated in a great reading…

of Raquel Almazan’s new play: LA PALOMA PRISONER.  Great play, great role, great cast!

Now on DVD…

SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES  is now available on!

Also on HBO…

SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES – movie I had the pleasure to work in alongside Gina Rodriguez and Ana Ortiz!

Awesome experience!

200 CARTAS now on HBO

Very excited that the movie I co-starred with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Camil and Dayana Torres is now on HBO!

Enjoy 200 CARTAS!!!

Very excited to be playing…

Very excited to be playing ‘Sylvia Plath’ in the play MUSES by Nestor Caballero in Chicago this coming August.

Just wrapped work…

Just wrapped work in the independent feature film CASSANOVA WAS A WOMAN where I had a ball portraying ‘Miriam’, the dorky, socially inept and prejudiced older sister!

Excited by the Imagen Award Nomination…

Excited by the Imagen Award Nomination for best picture that SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES  just got. I had the pleasure to work side by side with the the super talented duo of Gina Rodriguez and Ana Ortiz. Such fun!


Loving Shane Ann Younts’s Voice and Speech class!