“What a true honor it was to work with Monica Steuer on PROSPECT by Octavio Solis with Boundless Theatre Company. And how happy I am that she and her mind blowing performance have been recognized. She has received an HOLA award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor. Monica is an actress of the highest caliber. I learned something new every day witnessing her. She deserves it all. “

ELENA ARAOZ – Theatre Director

“Monica Steuer is a genuinely gifted actor who brings depth, nuance and finely honed skill to every role she inhabits. Equally adept at stage and film and expertly adroit at drama and comedy, Monica is a true professional and a pleasure to work with on and off the set. I have nothing but the highest praise for her focus, dedication and graciousness. I have had the pleasure of casting Monica several times and she is truly a gem to work with.”

SiG DE MIGUEL – Casting Director

“Monica Steuer is an incredibly talented actor, with pitch-perfect instincts for understanding and interpreting a role. She brings a crystal clear understanding of the part, the tone of the film, the subtext of every conversation, and all facets of the character she portrays. Her ability to reveal a character in all its subtlety, not only through dialogue but also with the slightest gesture, expression, or glance, brought the screenplay to life and made The Position an award-winning film.”

KEVIN STOCKLIN – Director/Writer of ‘The Position’

“Monica Steuer was introduced to me by my trusted casting director Sig de Miguel. He was right to bring her in for the role of “Marie Helen” so much so that hers was one of the few returning characters for season two of our series. She’s talented, a great collaborator and a joy to work with.”

AMI ARMSTRONG – Writer/ Director/Producer of ‘Haute & Bothered’ for Alloy Entertainment.

“Monica Steuer is an actress with an indomitable spirit…full of talent, intelligence, and beauty which she puts to the service of a career she knows and handles bordering on perfection.”

JOSEAN ORTIZ – Theatre Director

“Monica is a one-take wonder! I recently had the pleasure of working with her on an extremely intensive, dialogue heavy production, with a nearly unrealistic timeframe. She was cast for the Portuguese version. In less than a day, Monica NAILED over a nearly three dozen wildly different scripts in almost every first take. Even our very stringent on-set language expert was incredibly impressed with her performances.

It was her accumen, passion and professionalism that enabled us to finish our shoot day ahead of schedule, and with a superior product. I’d be remiss in my recommendation if I didn’t note that on top of doing an INCREDIBLE acting job, she was incredibly amazing to work with. She not only took direction well (and right the first time), she asked smart questions and provided excellent script suggestions/translations. More so, she was just as delightful off set. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Monica again.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert