House of the Spirits (THEATRE)

“Monica Steuer offers a mesmerizing, multi-layered and beautiful performance opposite of Landrieu as Clara, the seer and grandmother of Alba.”

Veronique Macrae –

“…Alba’s grandmother, Clara, memorably portrayed by Monica Steuer, in pigtails… Steuer’s free-spirited character effectively ages into a serene but clairvoyant sexpot. She’s one of several talented Gala newcomers who elevate House of the Spirits above the theater’s already professional standards.”

Rebecca J. Ritzel –

“Steuer does a particularly nice job taking Clara from a gleeful child in pigtails to an ethereal bride to a sadder, pragmatic matron.”

Celia Wren –

“Monica Steuer’s Clara moves with grace through the passages of Clara’s life, from a prophesizing young girl to coquettish ingenue to gentle matriarch and calming spirit.”

Elizabeth Bruce –