Prospect (THEATRE)

“…Much more seems like a distraction from the master class performance of Steuer, who is most captivating at her most fragile and loneliest.”

Ashley Steves –

“Steuer as Elena delivers an epic performance of wild girl turned wise crone. She has a wide range of emotions to work through in the play, and she navigates the asks of the text with the dexterity of a seasoned pro. I particularly enjoyed her character’s story arc and how she colored in the outline with such majestic shades. Her life situation has caused the fallout and ripples of despair that knock all of the others off their feet so that they can wake up to themselves. A stunning performance!”

 Jacquelyn Claire –

“Elena is by far the most fascinating character Octavio Solis has written in Prospect. She’s a fiery volcano of a woman. Monica Steuer brought the ferocity. Once she appeared, she dominated the stage.”

 Michael Block – Theatre in the Now

“The entire cast in this production is terrific… Monica Steuer is particularly strong as Elena. Elena is dying of cancer, and Ms. Steuer incorporates this ingredient into the character on an elemental level. It informs her performance throughout. She gives a line as simple as “Some women, I swear to god!” and we hear in it the character’s entire life experience – and, incidentally, she makes us laugh with the line.”

Steve Capra – New York Critic