“Monica Steuer gives an explosive performance as Tracey. Steuer plays this character with intense force as she goes from a fiercely independent person to someone who is shattered after losing her job. Some of the best portions of the play are the explosive battles between Tracey and Cynthia. Steuer and Strum are brilliant in these scenes, but they are heart-wrenching to watch. Sweat is a brilliant, uncompromising and ultimately heartbreaking play performed by a group of incredible actors who give luminous performances.”

Kelli Curtin – Theatre Sensation

“Steuer is all bluster and bravado as Tracey, but once in a while she allows us a peak at the vulnerability hiding inside this woman. Steuer and Strum play Tracey and Cynthia with such fine nuance you feel like you are a voyeur to their lives. Both ladies are marvelous, I hope we see them again on Philly stages. Sweat is a funny, challenging and visceral play.”

Ellen Wilson Dilks – Delcoculturevultures.com 

 “Tracey played with verve by Monica Steuer is the only psychologically vital character. The destruction of Tracey’s workplace destroys her. She moves jerkily about the stage never knowing who to hug or who to hit.”

Hugh Hunter – Broadstreetreview.com